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This page explains LoopMe payment terms and definitions for Publishers. If you have questions please contact us at

Publisher Payment Terms

LoopMe aggregates your estimated app and/site earnings for the month, at the end of each calendar month. LoopMe pays out the accrued monthly earnings on a NET60 basis. This means the estimated earnings of your apps and/or sites are available to you 60 days after accrual.


LoopMe pays publishers in US dollars (USD). Any requests in Euros or GBP have to be made separately with your account manager. We reserve the right to reject any of those requests.

Estimated Earnings vs. Actual Payments

The estimated earnings and other data displayed in the dashboard may be different than the final payment. There are several reasons for this. The values shown in the dashboard are real-time. At the end of the processing period, LoopMe will look at the actual log data and filter out duplicate impressions, malicious behavior and other discrepancies. This may result in a lower value in payment than is displayed in the real-time data.

Fund Transfers

You can request to transfer available funds from your LoopMe account into your bank account.

  • Your transfer requests will be dealt with in 5 business days.
  • The minimum transfer amount is $100.
  • You are allowed to make one payment request every 30 days.

Transfer Fees

Banking services apply a transfer fee to transactions to your bank account. These fees are deducted from the requested transfer amount. All the transaction fees incurred by your bank are not our responsibility.

Bank Wires

Minimum payment threshold: $100 Maximum payment limit: -- Expected fees from our bank only: $7.00 + 0.9‰ of amount with a minimum of $15.00. $ converted at current rate.

Bank wires take several days from the day they are processed until they are received. Please give it time to arrive before contacting us.

PayPal Transfer Fees

Minimum payment threshold: $100
Maximum payment limit: $500
Expected transfer fees: 3.4% of amount + $0.30 per transaction.

Changes to Billing Details

LoopMe transfers your funds to the bank account provided in the Billing Details section in the Account menu. Changes to the Billing Details are processed immediately. Please change bank account details before requesting a fund transfer to avoid mistakes.

Definitions in Dashboards

In case the used wordings in the Payments section are not clear, we have published extensive definitions of common used terms in this section.

Pending Earnings

Pending earnings are the sum of estimated earnings for your apps and/or sites up to the current date, that have not been released as available funds into your account. Pending earnings are estimated earnings and not final.

Available Funds

Available Funds are funds that have been released into your LoopMe account and are available for transfer to your bank account.

Transferred Funds

Transferred Funds is the total amount of money that has been transferred from your LoopMe account to your bank account.

Pending transfers

The pending transfer amount is the amount of money pending a requested money transfer into your bank account. The "Pending Transfer" amount is the unprocessed transfer amount of your recent request. When the money has been transfered to your bank account, the Pending Transfer amount returns to 0 and the transfer amount has been deducted from your available balance.