Ads.txt for LoopMe

Ads.txt for LoopMe

Ads.txt (opens in a new tab) and app-ads.txt (opens in a new tab) are methods to increase media buying transparency by assisting buyers to quickly identify legitimate and authorized sellers of media owner inventory across both web and app environments.

The ads.txt file contains the following information:

  • List of authorized ad networks (identifiable via their top level domains, e.g.
  • The assigned publisher ID for your inventory in the ad network platforms
  • The type of relationship the publisher has with the ad network (e.g. “DIRECT” or “RESELLER”)
  • (Optional) The ID assigned by a certification authority to the ad network (e.g. a “TAGID”)

The ads.txt file is stored in the root folder of the publisher’s web domain. E.g.: (opens in a new tab). It is advisable to use HTTPS for accessing the ads.txt file for your domain as that is the preferred connection method for ad buyers. Buyers may deploy website crawlers to ensure they only buy with licensed sellers of the ad inventory. We advise media owners to set the expiry of ads.txt files to 3600 seconds to ensure a consistently up-to-date list of authorized sellers.

LoopMe and ads.txt

LoopMe only buys from authorized sellers mentioned in ads.txt files. Failure to incorporate this ads.txt file and all authorized sellers will lead to a decrease in ad revenue for media owners.

Placement of ads.txt files

Web media owners should host an "ads.txt" URL. As an example, below is an “ads.txt” URL for CNN and shows who is authorized to sell their inventory:

Application media owners should has an “ads.txt” URL and ensure their developer URL is properly listed on app stores. As an example, below is an “app-ads.txt” URL for the Weather Channel and shows who is authorized to sell their app inventory: (opens in a new tab)

How to implement LoopMe ads.txt and app-ads.txt

Direct publishing partner of LoopMe: Add this line to your ads.txt/app-ads.txt file. The Publisher ID should be replaced with your assigned LoopMe publisher ID. If you do not know your Publisher ID, please contact your LoopMe account manager., \<loopme publisher id>, DIRECT, 6c8d5f95897a5a3b

Indirect publisher partner of LoopMe: If you do not own and operate a site, but are authorized to sell you should ask the owner of the site to add these two lines within their ads.txt file:

 ```, \<loopme publisher id>, RESELLER, 6c8d5f95897a5a3b

Where 6c8d5f95897a5a3b is the [Trustworthy Accountability Group's unique ID]( for LoopMe.