The LoopMe VAST ad tags allow you to run video ad in your VAST-compliant video player on your website or via a VAST-compliant SDK. Our VAST ad tags supports linear ads with a companion banner.

Our VAST tags support phone and table portrait and landscape ad formats and support the following companion banner sizes:

  • 320x480 Phone Fullscreen Portrait
  • 480x320 Phone Fullscreen Landscape
  • 768x1024 Tablet Fullscreen Portrait
  • 1024x768 Tablet Fullscreen Landscape

Additional companion banner sizes are available upon request.

LoopMe VAST ad tag

Example of LoopMe VAST ad tag:<device_id>&ip=<ip>&ua=<user_agent>&lon=<lon>&lat=<lat>&dnt=<dnt>&bundleid=87654321&lng=<lng>&height={{height}}&width={{width}}&page={{page}}&OMID=<OMID>&user_consent=<user_consent>&pubid=1234&us_privacy=${US_PRIVACY}&ifv=<device_ifv>&schain=<SUPPLYCHAIN>&gdpr=${GDPR}&gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_109}&gdpr_pd=${GDPR_PD}&vpaid=1&consented_providers={consented_providers}

Mandatory Parameters

The following parameters should always be included in the VAST ad tag:

appId – unique application or website id provided by LoopMe publisher dashboard.

vast – VAST response version, LoopMe supports VAST 2.0 - 4.0 versions.

uid – unique user identifier. E.g. the device identifier (IDFA for IOS or Google Advertiser ID for Android) or any other unique user identifier (e.g web cookie ID)

ip – IP address of the device on whose behalf this request is being made. The wrong IP address can cause country targeting issues, such as “No’Ad response” for instance

ua – device user agent of the device making the ad request

lon – numeric longitude of the requester, e.g. "32.0472364"

lat – numeric latitude of the requester. e.g. "-121.435938"

dnt – "Do not track" setting for user. Set to "1" to disable tracking, "0" to enable respectively.

bundleid – App bundle ID on iTunes or Google Playstore. E.g. For web integration, it is a domain name registered in the LoopMe system. e.g.

lng – user's handset language. 2 letter ISO language code.

height – indicates the available ad unit area height in pixels

width – indicates the available ad unit area width in pixels

page – website page URl where the video is displaying, e.g.: " (opens in a new tab)"

OMID – it indicates whether the traffic is OMID compliant - “OMID=1” or nor “OMID=0”

user_consent – explicit GDPR user consent for processing their data, in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The IAB user consent string is the required value

pubid – publisher ID in LoopMe system associated with the performance

us_privacy – explicit CCPA user consent for processing their data, in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, such as CCPA

ifv – IdentifierForVendor - an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies a device to the app’s vendor

schain – supply chain of traffic providers

gdpr – it indicates whether GDPR applies or not. If GDPR = 0 - then the traffic is from a non-GDPR region, if = 1 - traffic is from a GDPR region

gdpr_consent – should be replaced by the URL-safe base64-encoded "Transparency & Consent string" (TCF v 2.0 is required)

gdpr_pd – indicates whether generic URL parameters contain personal data or not

vpaid – indicates if a placement is VPAID. VPAID=1 if yes, VPAID=0 if no

consented_providers – allowed consented providers if the publisher is using the Google Framework

LoopMe Tags Could be Modified to Support different platforms

LoopMe automatically modifies VAST Ad Tag to make it supportable on different platforms, such as:




VAST/VPAID Inspector

We recommend using LoopMe VPAID inspector (opens in a new tab) to confirm your LoopMe ad tag returns an advertisement.